Made of upstream E&P veterans and based in Houston, Texas, Saxet is actively seeking mineral/royalty acquisitions throughout the United States.

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The Houston-based team behind Saxet are entrepreneurs who have owned, built, managed, and sold several oil and gas companies and partnerships and persevered through many cycles of the industry. They have generated numerous exploration projects and have participated in hundreds of wells as operator and non-operator resulting in numerous discoveries.

Their expertise spans disciplines of management, finance, land, and accounting. The Saxet team’s extensive background in the upstream exploration and production business is an all-important component of its approach to mineral/royalty acquisition. Presently, Saxet manages minerals/royalties in 6 states and 75 counties.

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Company History


Saxet is founded in Houston, centered on domestic oil and gas exploration and development projects on the onshore Gulf Coast and South Texas, and ultimately monetized its asset base in ideal market conditions.


Saxet partners with Quantum Energy Partners, a leading private equity provider, to form Saxet Energy, Ltd., focused on generating, operating, and developing oil and gas exploration projects.


Saxet forms Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, for the acquisition and management of minerals/royalties in South Texas.


Saxet Energy, Ltd., is sold, resulting in successful investment returns for both parties.


Saxet forms Saxet Energy II, LP, with private partners to participate in non-operated exploration and development projects on the onshore Gulf Coast and South Texas.


Saxet shifts its focus from exploration and production to mineral/royalty acquisition.


Saxet Energy II, LP, sells all its oil and gas properties and ultimately dissolves the partnership.

Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, is restructured as an ongoing mineral/royalty acquisition vehicle.

Saxet forms Royalty Interests Partnership II, LP, for the acquisition and management of minerals/royalties.


Royalty Interests Partnership II, LP, and Royalty Interests, LP, merge with Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, being the surviving entity.

Saxet partners with a private equity partner, to form Saxet I Minerals, LLC.


Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, and Saxet I Minerals, LLC, acquire minerals/royalties in multiple basins throughout the United States.


Saxet completes the final acquisition for Saxet I Minerals, LLC, and RIP, LP. All committed capital is successfully invested.

Saxet and private equity partner form second generation investment vehicle, Saxet II Minerals, LLC.

Saxet forms RIP3, LP, to co-invest alongside Saxet II Minerals, LLC.


Saxet II Minerals, LLC, successfully invests all committed capital.

Saxet and private equity partner form third generation investment vehicle Saxet III Minerals, LLC, which co- invest alongside RIP3, LP.


Saxet III Minerals, LLC, and RIP3, LP, acquire mineral /royalties in multiple basins throughout the United States.


Saxet divests out of Saxet I Minerals, LLC, Saxet II Minerals, LLC, and Saxet III Minerals, LLC.


Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, divests Midland Basin properties.


Saxet forms SRO 22, LLC, to invest in minerals/royalties in the Utica/Point Pleasant play in Eastern Ohio.

Royalty Interests Partnership, LP, merges with RIP3, LP, to form a large, diverse mineral/royalty company with assets located in the Midland and Williston Basins in Texas and North Dakota, the SCOOP/STACK play in Oklahoma, and the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas.


Saxet forms SRM 24, LLC to invest in Midland Basin minerals/royalties.