Acquisition Guidelines

Saxet is actively seeking mineral/royalty acquisitions in multiple basins throughout the United States.

Property acquisitions include some or all of the following criteria:

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  • Large mineral base in growth areas in politically favorable oil and gas states
  • Mineral base may be concentrated in one basin or several basins
  • Mineral fee component with potential for revenue/reserve growth through leasing and drilling
  • Multiple producing wells with a diverse value allocation with history to support future income
  • Complex mineral base with a diverse value allocation
  • Potential for infill/downspacing or other non-producing objectives, and secondary or tertiary objectives
  • Balanced exposure of producing and non-producing minerals
  • Perpetual royalty with long-life reserves
  • Oil, gas, and other liquids reserves
  • Economic acquisition parameters


The Saxet team works with family offices, oil and gas companies, investment bankers, brokers, trust companies, and individuals, while considering and customizing each opportunity.


Through its portfolio management, Saxet Petroleum is leasing and procuring the development and growth of its mineral/royalty holdings. If you or your firm has a desire to sell or to inquire about our unleased minerals or Saxet activity, please contact Jake Smith.